Foundation or Cavity Wall Treatment


Termites can be found both in and outside a building’s structure, attempting to reach and consume cellulose. They may hide behind your foundation walls, using the cavities of your walls or brick veneer to reach lumber. To resolve this it is important to know how to effectively apply your wall treatment in hard to access areas.

In many situations, MABI injectors can help you reach termites with the product of your choice:

  • Chemical termiticide such as Termidor, Taurus SC, Premise, Altriset or any other labeled product authorized in your state
  • All-natural ways of eliminating termites with Bora Care, XT-2000 or any eco-friendly product approved for the pest and the element of the targeted structure

You can use liquid or foam products for your termite treatment depending on the situation.

Here are some specific areas where MABI injectors will help you to treat termites and other unwanted pests.

1. Treating foundation walls or solid brick piers:

Subterranean termites live below ground and may enter a structure through cracks in the foundation walls or brick piers. 

To block the possible entry point from termites, you have to apply a pesticide (termiticide). 


First, for termites or general pests, it is important to adopt the best, most efficient treatment process. This allows you to reduce customer call backs and increase sales. There is also the possibility to convert it into a built-in system in solid brick walls.

Other benefits include a controlled and precise injection process for less chemical waste. Plus, easy and fast ongoing maintenance: the MABI system is set up for long term use.


To start, drill 2/3 of the foundation wall thickness, using the MABI injector of your choice (Ø 1/4’’, 3/8’’, 1/2’’). We recommend drilling on the outside perimeter of the building, in a horizontal line close to the ground. 

Then, install MABI injectors into each drilled hole using a rubber mallet.

Now, screw the injection tip on your equipment and start injecting your product using a 2-in-1 injection plug.

For each injection, control the injected product quantity in order to respect the chemical product manufacturer’s instructions.

After treatment, Mabi injectors are left inside to serve as plugs or you can choose to hide them with a suitable sealant.

You may also choose to cover the plug with a cap for aesthetic reasons. This will also protect the connection head of the MABI injector. You can use the same injectors without drilling again in the foundation walls if reinfestation or breakdown of the treated area

foundation wall or solid brick peers

2. Treatment of cavity walls

In structures with voids and brick veneer, many general pests (ants, spiders, …) use these hollow spaces as a regular route to enter the building. Formosan termites may use the wall spaces to build a secondary nest. Their nests are called aerial or carton nests and are made of cellulose and fecal material.

As mentioned before, start by drilling holes, but this time all the way through, to reach the void behind your cavity walls. 

The goal is to inject your liquid or foam termiticide on the other side of the brick veneer. That way, it will treat this hidden space where termites and unwanted pests thrive.

Use of MABI injectors means your pest management professional can come regularly for treatment without drilling again. 

In short, MABI  allows for faster treatments with less disturbance for homeowners.  

3. Treating Drywall

Pests and termites can also hide behind drywall. 

More specifically, Formosan termites love to hide their carton nests behind drywall.

A good solution is to use foam in these areas for maximum coverage.

In contrast to brick walls, you should use the smallest MABI injector, the 1/4’’ .

As a result, the applicator can discreetly and easily treat behind the drywall during his ongoing maintenance services.

drywall termite injection

4. Trees

When termites or wood-boring beetles damage a tree, trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applications in order to protect it.

Not only are MABI injectors easy to install but they are also cost effective as the equipment stays put. Simply change the injection tip on your sprayer or termite spray rig, depending on the area you want to treat.

Last but not least, to facilitate treatment of all tree types, this new injection system is available in 3 different sizes 1/4’’, 3/8” and 1/2”.

MABI tree injection

5. Other uses

In any situation or location where you need to inject a liquid or foam, use MABI Injectors to ensure your product ends up where it should with no backflow issue.

Interested in trying out MABI injectors for yourself?

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