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1967: Marc Bidaux sets up the pest control company PCBE (Eastern Chemical Wood Protection) specialized in treatments against wood destroying organisms in Belfort, France.

: To increase the effectiveness of his WDO treatments, Marc Bidaux invents the first plastic injector with a non-return valve to treat wood in-depth. Soon after, his main competitors begin asking him to supply them with this revolutionary system. This leads to the international patent of the MABI injector for termite treatment and its official launch onto the French market. 

The CTBA (Technical Center for Wood and Furniture) – a French organization – validates and recommends the new MABI injection system. It helps get rid of termites, wood-boring beetles, and fungi thanks to its high efficiency. As a result, major European organizations adopt the MABI system as the most effective curative method against wood-destroying organisms. As sales soar, the company decides to step down from the applicator business to focus exclusively on the design, manufacturing, and marketing of a range of specialized equipment. The conception of this specialized equipment is intended to protect all types of construction and structures. This results in the creation of additional injectors, made specifically for treating masonries and concrete slabs.




80s: The company changes its name to MABI – after the name of its creator – Marc Bidaux. To increase export sales, a German company is set up, MABI Baustoffschutz GmbH. MABI also begins participating in more exhibitions all around Europe. 

90s: Over the years, the company expands its research on injection efficiency and user convenience, developing a new line of MABI injectors for the building industry: leak/seal repair and waterproofing. 

2000s:  Olivier Bidaux takes over the company and brings a fresh new approach. A new generation of more technical and aesthetic MABI injectors launches. This is further evidence of MABI’s technological leadership within the industry. The company continues to innovate and improve on its products distributed worldwide thanks to its R&D department and wins numerous awards for its innovation policy. It is now established as a leading equipment supplier for the termite, pest control; and building industries.

2016: The firm is now present in more than 30 countries, with thousands of PMP’s worldwide having their needs met. MABI continues its development with the launch of its products in the USA through MABI USA and its distributors. Through this online presence, it will continue to meet the needs of PMP’s worldwide. 

2021: Most importantly, MABI and MABI USA are committed to protecting the environment. The company continues to take extensive measures to reduce our consumption of water, energy and other resources. 


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