How to use the sinking tool with MABI injectors

Published on 16 May 2022

If you’re familiar with MABI injectors, you know how they can increase efficiency during chemical injection treatments. However, to enhance the installation process we recommend using the sinking tool. Using MABI injectors for your termite or general pest control treatments helps streamline the overall process. Their unique backflow prevention system ensures a cleaner and safer application process for both the technician and the homeowner.


Once in place, you can choose to use MABI injectors in one of two ways. First, you can choose to leave the injectors exposed giving you the possibility to re-treat an area. The one-way metal ball automatically seals up the injection site so you can leave the injector as is or cover it with a cap. However, for aesthetic reasons, specifically in a concrete slab, you may want to patch up the drill site. To assist with this option, and for the installation of MABI injectors in general, we recommend using the sinking tool. While it is possible to install the injectors without the sinking tool, this inexpensive, multifunctional tool can save you time and give you a cleaner-looking finish. Here’s how the sinking tool can help you.

What is the sinking tool?

As previously mentioned, the sinking tool is a multifunctional tool that can help install MABI injectors. Made of high-quality Polyamide, the sinking tool is heavy-duty and is resistant to hammer strikes over time. That means you can reuse the sinking tool for all of your injector installations

The tool measures approximately 6 inches long and has several slip-resistant grooves on its surface. These features make it easier to handle and allow for a better grip. You will notice that one end of the sinking tool is narrower than the other, with the same ½” diameter as the MABI injector. You can use this end to countersink the injector in a concrete slab or to set the injectors flush with the surface. The narrow end also contains a metal pin that helps hold the injector in place before and during installation.

Using the sinking tool

1. Countersink MABI injectors

When installing the injectors in a concrete slab, you may wish to patch up the injection site. The narrow end of the sinking tool is specifically designed to help you discreetly hide the injectors. To achieve this following injection, use the sinking tool to countersink the injector ½” into the concrete. With the MABI injector in place, you can then seal up the patch with concrete. The injector helps hold the wet concrete in place so you don’t have to worry about it sinking into the drill hole.

To do this, first, drill ½” diameter holes through the concrete slab. Next, insert the MABI injector into the drilled hole. (Additionally, you may want to use a diffusing tube to the end of the MABI injector to distribute your chemical product laterally.) Using a rubber mallet, hammer the injector into the concrete. After injecting your liquid or foam product, use the sinking tool to insert the injector further into the concrete. You can then fill in the drill hole with a small amount of concrete, being sure to remove any excess.

countersink mabi injectors

2. Simplify the installation process

There may be instances when installing MABI injectors is tricky. That could be due to difficulties accessing the drilled hole, uneven surfaces, hard-to-reach areas such as high, vaulted ceilings, or simply because the rubber mallet is too big. In these cases, the sinking tool can act as a guide or an extension of the injector, facilitating the overall installation process. Whatever the reason is, using the sinking tool allows you to manipulate the injectors more easily.

To install MABI injectors with accuracy and ease, insert the metal pin of the sinking tool into the injector. With this extension, you can easily insert the injector into the drill hole and freely strike it with your rubber mallet. Similarly, in the case of uneven surfaces or narrow spaces, you can use the sinking tool to install the injector effortlessly. The sinking tool helps push the injector into areas where the rubber mallet may not reach.

extend MABI injectors with sinking tool

3. Set MABI injectors flush with the surface

When installing MABI injectors around window or door frames, you may want to ensure the injector is flush with the surface. Using the sinking tool like before, place the injector onto the metal pin, and once inserted, strike it with a rubber mallet. The sinking tool will push the injector into the drill hole, stopping once flush with the surface.

MABI injectors flush w surface

Using MABI injectors can be easy and save you time in your chemical product applications. The sinking tool assists in making this process easier and helps ensure your site is left looking neat and tidy. To see how the sinking tool can help you watch our video below: