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Wood treatment

Wood injection overview with the MABI injector

Wood Destroying Organisms are looking for cellulose material and will damage the structural wood of a structure. Drywood termites do not require contact with the soil and a spot treatment is mandatory to get rid of them and stop their progress.

Subterranean, Formosan termites, Carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles should also be treated. 

During the survey of each wood part to determine the extent of damage and the responsible insect, the applicator must evaluate the strength and judge the eventual replacement of certain parts.


Before: method with less efficiency

Spraying chemical on wood can only treat the surface. Injecting without pressure doesn’t allow the chemical to be widely spread. If the injection pressure is increased, the backlow of chemical causes safety concern for the Pest Management Professionnel.


After: wood treatment in-depth

A combination of pressure injection and spraying is the most efficient way to treat wood, in-depth to kill the insects inside and on the surface to prevent new attacks. The MABI injector avoids spilling, splashing or backflow of chemical and increases the effectiveness of chemicals. No need for drilling in case of reinfestation. Highly recommended for the timber frame, crawl space beams, piers and utility posts.

Wood treatment improved with the MABI system. Exploded views that show how to settle it.

Preventive and curative treatment method: the wood treatment against termites by MABI

First, drill 1 hole per foot with a Wood Auger bit, in a diamond pattern. 2/3 of the beam thickness is the depth to consider. For very large sections of wood (>8/8 in), the holes are made on two opposite sides of the wood pieces.

Then, the aim is to create, inside the wood section, insecticide active zones to eliminate larvae and insects which cannot be reached by a surface treatment. Drive in the MABI injectors with a hammer and inject the treatment product between 30 and 220 PSI until runoff is observed; by using a gun and an injection tip combined with a pump.

Finally, spray the product over all wooden surfaces according to product’s label. You will destroy all larvae and insects present and get lasting protection against future attacks.


For more information watch the video below or download our catalog

The methods are given for information purposes only. Always refer to local legislation and to the chemical manufacturer’s label before starting any job. Always wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required and official approved for chemical handling, including gloves, coverall, respirator and protective eyewear.

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