Wood treatment

Wood treatment: how to get rid of drywood termites and powderpost beetles?

wood injection for wood treatment

Without a proper wood treatment, wood destroying organisms are looking for cellulose material and will damage the structural wood of a structure. Drywood termites do not require contact with the soil and a spot treatment is mandatory to get rid of them and stop their progress.

Subterranean, Formosan termites, Carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles such as Powderpost beetle should also be treated to protect your wood from costly damages. 

During the survey of each wood part to determine the extent of damage and the responsible insect, the applicator must evaluate the strength and judge the eventual replacement of certain parts.

wood before wood treatment


At first, spraying wood preservative chemical on wood can only treat the surface. 

Injecting timber without pressure doesn’t allow the chemical to be widely spread. 

If the injection pressure is increased, the backlow of chemical causes safety concern for the Pest Management Professionnel.

pressure injection for wood treatment


A combination of pressure injection and spraying is the most efficient way to treat wood. 50 years of experience: MABI injectors are already used in the most beautiful historic buildings worldwide including Notre Dame de Paris.

In-depth wood treatment for more efficiency

Backflow-prevention system for your safety during termite treatments

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spray the wood preservative product


Step 1 - Drill

Firstly, drill 1/4’’ or 3/8’’ holes according to the wood size and to the MABI injectors used.
Drill 1 hole per foot in a diamond pattern, 2/3 of the timber thickness.
Then, insert with a rubber mallet the MABI injectors into each drilled hole.

Step 2- Install and inject the wood treatment product

The wood treatment product – for example Bora-Care, XT-2000 or any other brand labelled for this pest in your state – between 30 and 220 PSI until runoff is observed: by adapting an injection tip on your termite spray rig or sprayer.  In other words, the aim is to create, inside the wood section, insecticide active zones to eliminate wood-boring larvae of Powderpost beetles which cannot be reached by a surface treatment or to stop the termite progress into the structure.

Step 3- Spray

Finally, spray the wood preservative product over all wooden surfaces according to product’s label. You will destroy all larvae and insects present and get lasting protection against future attacks.


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